COMPANY[Host Companies]COMPANY[Host Companies]

Application Overview

Eligibility Small and medium-sized companies. Having main offices in Japan(Industry associations, non-profit corporations, municipalities are not eligible to apply)
Number of host companies Maximum 200 companies
Quota One intern per company(in some case a company can host more than one)
Application period Course A :Friday, May 14, 2021 ~ Wednesday, July 21, 2021
※The original application due date of Wednesday, June 30 has been extended.
Course B : Friday, May 14, 2021 ~ Tuesday, August 31, 2021
Eligible interns Foreign people who have full of skills and knowledge, and are currently living in either country on the OECD/DAC List except People's Republic of China and
having the nationality of either country on the OECD/DAC List except People's Republic of China
Hosting period
(To be arranged)
Course A : 10 August to 8 October 2021
Course B : 25 October to 22 December 2021
※Approximately 35 days of activity in both the Course A and Course B
※4 hours activity per day
Essential requirements for host companies

Companies must meet all the following requirements.

  • 1. The company must agree with the purpose of this program and must be interested in promoting the utilization of overseas human resources, expanding/developing new overseas business, and working together with interns applying for this program.
  • 2. The company must be a medium-sized or small legal entity.
  • 3. The company must have a main office located in Japan.
  • 4. The company must be able to provide an internship program that can be implemented through an online.
  • 5. The company must be able to manage sufficiently and have acceptance structures for online internship activities.
  • 6. The company must be able to conduct online meetings at least twice a week.
Application & selection method
  • □Online application is available through the company registration form on our website. After the application is approved by the Screening Committee, the company and intern will be assigned.
  • □Internship applicants will be screened and selected by JIP office for matching.
Main support for host companies
  • □Support fee for internship activities: 60,000 yen to each host company (only when participants fully complete the activity period)
    ※Regardless of the number of interns accepted
    ※It is provided to companies which have completed the entire process
  • □Provide various group trainings and information for host companies
    (Cross-cultural management training, information security training, online management training)
Main responsibilities of host companies
  • □Determine the outline and policy of the online internship.
  • □Establish an online internship program implementation system and assign a responsible supervisor and a person in charge.
  • □Develop an online internship plan (roles, goals, etc. for company supervisor and intern) in coordination with the assigned JIP concierge and intern.
  • □Participate in e-learning, group training, follow-up training, wrap up presentation (online).
  • □Hold an orientation for interns (online internship rules, emergency procedures, etc.) after the matching is confirmed.
  • □Manage the progress of online internship activities, supervise interns, provide regular reports, communicate with interns, and hold meetings with JIP office.
  • □Submit daily reports, questionnaires, and other necessary documents to JIP office by the deadline.
  • □Establish a smooth communication system for online internships (e.g. introduce a system for online meetings).
  • □Communicate through online meetings at least twice a week.

※This program offers work experience, not actual employment. It aims to provide interns with workplace skills and know-how.
Please note it is not a substitute for casual or part-time employment etc.

Internship Process

  • step1 Recruitment & Matching
  • step2 Determining Acceptance & Procedures
  • step3 Running Internships

step1 Recruitment & Matching

1. Information sessions / Application
Course A : Mid May ~ Mid Jul., 2021
Course B : Mid May ~ Late Aug., 2021

Information sessions / Application
Course A : Mid May ~ Mid Jul., 2021
Course B : Mid May ~ Late Aug., 2021

  • Recruitment information sessions for host companies will be held online.
  • Information sessions for interns also will be held online.
2. Selection/ Matching
Course A :Jul.~ Mid Aug.
Course B :Sep.~Late Oct.

Selection/ Matching
Course A :Jul.~ Mid Aug.
Course B :Sep.~Late Oct.

  • Applications will be accepted online through the host company entry form on JIP office website.
    You can apply even if you did not attend the information session.
  • Based on the registered information, JIP office will conduct interviews by phone or web conference system. Through the interviews, JIP office will confirm the appropriateness of the implementation system, the understanding on the purpose of this program, the motivation on accepting interns, and the details of the internship contents. Based on the interviews, JIP office will determine whether the company is qualified as a host company.
3. The Screening

The Screening Committee


  • After approval by the Screening Committee, JIP office will match interns with host companies. The priority will be given to combinations that are expected to achieve the objectives of this project.
  • The result of the matching will be notified to both the host company and the intern applicant. If it reaches a mutual agreement, the matching is successful.
  • Once a matching is established, you are not allowed to decline.


4. Notification
of results

Notification of results

  • After approval by the Screening Committee, a notice of acceptance will be sent to both the intern and the company. Based on this notification, the company and intern will begin to prepare for the internship activities.
5. Finalization
of contract

Finalization of contract

  • Contracts will be signed between JIP office and the host company, and between JIP office and the intern, defining the rules and obligations regarding the acceptance and implementation of the internship.

step2 Determining Acceptance & Procedures

step2 Determining Acceptance & Procedures

1. Submission
of internship
Course A:Jul. ~ Aug.
Course B:Sep.~ Oct.

Submission of internship plan
Course A:Jul. ~ Aug.
Course B:Sep.~ Oct.

  • The host company will contact the intern and discuss about the mission, goal, and plan of the internship. Based on what was discussed, the host company will submit an “internship plan” to JIP office.
  • Activity time:
    Course A : 4 hours per day
    Course B : Activity content for about 4 hours per day

    Intern’s activity duration is 35days, Monday through Friday regardless of each company’s regulated work days.
2. Plan approval and notification2

Plan approval and notification

  • JIP office will check if the contents and goals of the “internship plan” reflect the purpose of JIP program adequately. The office will also check if the mission and commitment of the host company’s person in charge are clear, and if the acceptance of interns is recognized as an important matter.
  • If the content and goals of the internship do not match the purpose of JIP program, and its validity cannot be admitted, the acceptance of interns may be cancelled.
3. Preparation
prior to

Preparation prior to internship


  • JIP office will arrange for the intern's insurance during the period of the internship (only for Course A).
  • Companies are encouraged to build relationships with interns in advance of the program, by conducting online company visits and frequently communicating through e-mail and web conferencing systems.


step3 Running Internships

step3 Running Internships

1. Pre-training 1


  • JIP office will provide online training to both host companies and interns
    (Cross-cultural understanding, online management innovations, etc)
  • As guidance for companies, the program office will explain how to use the management system and tools of online meeting(Teams etc.)
2. Kickoff training 2

Kickoff training

  • Kickoff training between interns and companies will be conducted to ensure smooth communication right from the start of the internship.
3. Online

Online Internship


  • The company will conduct an orientation for the intern right after the start of the internship. This will explain the company’s rules and regulations, including what needs to be followed during the online internship. The internship plan should be reviewed and understood by the intern and the related department employees.


  • The company and the intern will submit daily reports to JIP office. JIP office will conduct online meetings with the company if necessary, in order to monitor the progress and status.
  • Host companies will hold online meeting with interns twice a week.
  • If you wish to conduct activities outside of the designated satellite office or home, please contact JIP office in advance and ask for JIP office's decision.
  • Host companies must submit various documents by the due date.
4. Midterm

Midterm review/Follow-up training


  • JIP office will organize a midpoint review during the internship.
  • Host companies and interns will check the progress, and reflect on what they have learned and what they should improve on.


5. Wrap up

Wrap up presentation

  • There will be a wrap up presentation at the end of the internship. Company manager of host companies and interns will each present the outcome of the internship, and the achievement of the mission each company had.

Important Points to Confirm

With regard to application signup, please confirm and agree with the following important points before signing your application.

  • 1. Even after applying for registration, matching with a company will not necessarily be guaranteed.
  • 2. Absolutely no inquiries will be answered in regard to the selection status or reasons for the decision.
  • 3. Even after approval by the Screening Committee and matching has been established, acceptance may be cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances (natural disasters, etc.).
  • 4. After approval by the Screening Committee and matching is established after mutual agreement, cancellation may not be made at the convenience of the company or intern.
  • 5. After starting the internship, interruption of activities on company’s /intern’s own conveniences may not be accepted.
  • 6. Since the internship is supported by public fund, the program’s results achieved through hosting of interns will be made public via official websites and similar media. For the FY2021 fiscal year, an overview of each intern's name, country of origin, and overview of internship at the host company will be disclosed, as well as information from interviews.