Application Overview

Eligibility Foreign human resources with advanced skills who are nationals of developing countries (countries on the OECD/DAC list)(excluding People’s Republic of China)
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Recruitment numbers In principle, about 1 person per company (maximum 100 companies)
Entry deadline

The application period for the FY2023 internship has ended for all courses.

<First Recruitment>
【A Course】June19, 2023 (Mon) at 12:00 PM. Registration closed.
【B Course】July3, 2023 (Mon) Registration closed.
【C Course】July3, 2023 (Mon) Registration closed.

<Second Recruitment>
【A2 Course】August 15, 2023 (Tue.) Registration closed.
【B2 Course】July3, 2023 (Mon) Registration closed.

Place where interns do the internship

( A/A2 Course +C Course )
Small and Medium-sized companies with main business locations in Japan.
(excluding industry associations, non-profit organizations, and local governments).

( B/B2 Course )
The internship will be conducted at the intern's home workspace under the direction and management of the host company's activities.

*The host companies will be determined through matching by the program(JIP) office and approval by the screening committee.

*It is possible to apply for both courses.

Application requirements

Applicants must meet all the following

  • ・The applicants must agree with the purpose of this project and be able to cooperate with the promotion of globalization of Japanese companies, the expansion of overseas business of companies and the building networks with overseas universities through internships.
  • ・Holding citizenship of the applicable countries or regions.
  • ・Proficiency in Japanese language (JLPT level N3 or higher) or proficiency in English.
  • ・In principle, those who are 18 to 40 years old as of August 1, 2023.
  • ・Students must be able to submit a certificate of enrollment from their university or other institution and a letter of recommendation from their university or university faculty, etc.
    Graduates must be able to submit a certificate of graduation from their previous university and a letter of recommendation from their university faculty or institution, etc.
  • ・Those who can submit certificates of various qualifications.
  • ・Those who can dedicate themselves exclusively to the training and internship at the company; and who can participate in the internship according to the timetable specified by the program office (JIP office).
  • ・The applicant must meet other specific conditions required by each company.
  • ・Those who have not participated in this program between FY2016 and FY2022.
Main support for interns
  • ・Provision of various training courses for interns (cross-cultural communication training,information security training, Japanese language training, etc.)
  • ・Internship insurance

Course-specific support

(A/A2/C Course)
  • ・Transport costs to training facilities
  • ・Allowance (for lunch and drinks expenses):
    ¥1,000 per day depending on the number of days of the internship.
(B/B2 Course)
  • ・Lending of communication devices such as PC, Wi-Fi.
  • ・Allowance (for lunch and drinks expenses):
    equivalent to ¥1,000 per day in local currency, depending on the number of days of the internship.
(C Course)
  • ・Transport costs to training facilities and accommodation during training
  • ・Allowance (for living, lunch and drinks expenses):
    ¥3,000 per day depending on the number of days of stay.
  • ・Cell phones
  • ・Provision of round-trip air tickets (economy class), travel insurance for visiting Japan and assistance for obtaining the visa.

*The host company will take care of the living environment, such as accommodation and transportation to and from the company.

Main responsibilities of interns
  • ・Develop an internship plan (intern's role, goal, etc.) to discuss with internship manager
  • ・Participating in pre-training, follow-up training, and wrap-up presentation.
  • ・Taking responsibility for their own safety and health thoroughly. Contact with the program office and the host company regularly, continually reporting or consulting with them.
  • ・Submitting various documents, notifications, reports, etc. before, during and after the internship.
  • ・Appropriate behavior represented as a recipient of public funds from Japanese government.

※This internship program does not offer an actual employment but work experience within certain period in Japanese company.

Internship Process

  • step1 Recruitment & Matching
  • step2 Determining Acceptance & Procedures
  • step3 Running Internships

step1 Recruitment & Matching

1. Recruitment /
Information sessions

Recruitment / Information sessions

  • Interns who are nationals of the OECD/DAC listed countries (excluding China) will be recruited.
  • Please note that it is not necessary to attend the information session to apply.
2. Application2


The application period for the FY2023 internship has ended for all courses.

3. Selection /

Selection / Matchinge

  • Screening is conducted through document screening,
    1st interview (native language/English/Japanese) and
    2nd interview (Japanese/English).

*Screening process will be conducted based on information contained in the application form aptitude and experience/ability as an intern, understanding of the program purpose, and any conditions or requests for the host company.

  • Various certification documents regarding University qualifications or language skills, etc.), letters of recommendation, photographs, required documents etc. are required to submit individually.
  • JIP office will match interns with companies according to their applications along with their expectations and preferences.
  • The results of the matching process will be notified to the company and the intern applicant, and match will be made upon mutual agreement.

*We anticipate a response period of several days from the notification of the matching results to the applicants.

*Once a match is made, it cannot be cancelled by the company or intern for their own reason.

4. The Screening

The Screening Committee

  • The Screening Committee approves the matching.
5. Notification of
results/Conclusion of a contract

Notification of results/conclusion

  • As a result of approval by the Screening Committee, letter of notification of acceptance will be sent both to the intern and the host company. Based on this notification, both of them will begin preparations to participate in the internship activities.

step2 Determining Acceptance & Procedures

step2 Determining Acceptance & Procedures

1. Submission of internship plan1

Submission of internship plan

  • The host company will contact the intern and discuss the mission, goals and plans for the internship. Based on the discussion, the company will submit an online “Internship Plan” to JIP office.
  • JIP office will arrange for the intern's insurance during the period of the internship.
2. Preparation before starting the internship2

Preparation before starting the internship

(A/A2 Course)

  • The company prepares the necessary environment for internship such as desks, PCs, etc.

(B/B2 Course)

  • JIP office will provide the necessary communication tools for the internship, such as PCs, Internet access, and means of communication.

(C Course)

  • JIP Office arranges the following for travel and reception:
  • Round trip air tickets to Japan (economy class)
  • Assistance with obtaining visas and other necessary documents
  • Purchase of travel insurance for the visit to Japan.
  • The company prepares the living environment by arranging accommodations and transportation to and from the workplace.
3.Pre training3

Pre training

  • During the guidance , JIP office will explain the rules and the daily report system for conducting the internship.
  • Seminar contents are cross cultural understanding, tips and precaution for proceeding internship.

* The timing and contents of the course will change depending on the course

step3 Running Internships

step3 Running Internships

1. Interinship1


  • Soon after the internship starts, will conduct an orientation for the intern at the workplace. Internships should start from a solid understanding of this explanation of workplace rules and precautions, in order to ensure smooth implementation of the internship.
    The intern and personnel in related departments should review the internship plan to ensure full understanding before starting.
  • The company and the interns should hold meetings at least twice a week and communicate on daily basis.
    Please submit daily reports to JIP office.

(A/A2/C Course)

  • If an intern needs to travel over 100 km, he/she must submit a long distance travel application form to JIP office at least five business days in advance, and ensure that their whereabouts can always be confirmed.

(B/B2 Course)

  • If an intern intends to engage in activities outside of designated locations such as visits to the host company's branches or on site surveys, they must report it to JIP office in advance and seek their judgment on the feasibility of the activity.
2. Follow up training2

Follow up training

  • JIP office will organize a review at the midpoint of the internship period.
  • Host companies and interns will share the progress, review, exchanging opinions, learnings, and areas for improvement.
3. Wrap up presentation3

Wrap up presentation

  • The wrap up presentation will be held face to face or online at the end of the internship. Company manager/supervisor and intern will make a presentation n the outcome of the internship and the achievement of the mission for each company.

*Participation in each training session and the wrap up presentation is mandatory. JIP office will inform you of the schedule as soon as it is confirmed, so please plan accordingly to ensure that you can attend.

*Interns on Course C are scheduled to return home the day after the wrap up presentation

4. Completion of the internship4

Completion of the internship

  • Interns and host companies are obliged to submit various reports: daily report, evaluation report.

Important Points to Confirm

Please confirm the following important information and agree with it before submitting your application.

  • 1. Please note that entry does not necessarily mean that you will be matched.
  • 2. We will not be able to respond to any inquiries regarding the selection process or reasons for acceptance or rejection.
  • 3. Even if the screening committee approves the application and the matching is completed, there is a possibility that the application will be cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances (e.g. natural disaster)
  • 4. Once a matching is established, you are not allowed to decline.
  • 5. Once an internship has started, it cannot be interrupted for the convenience of the company or the intern. In case of interruption, a completion certificate will not be issued. Furthermore, we regret to inform you that we are unable to issue certificates of completion for interns.
  • 6. As this is a government-funded internship program, the results of the internship will be published on the website, including the name of the company or institution, a summary of the internship, and information on the interview.