Here we present some frequently asked questions.

1. How to apply

How do we apply?

Please register online using the company registration form on our website.

2. About application requirements

What kinds of companies are eligible to apply?

Please confirm the requirements here.

2. About application requirements

Can we apply even if we don’t speak English? Can interns speak Japanese?

Yes, you may apply even if nobody in your company can speak English, while it is not guaranteed that Interns can speak Japanese. According to the statistic of 2018, about 50% of the participants were able to speak Japanese at a daily conversation level or higher. For details, please check "Interns’ linguistic abilities" listed on “Performance Report”.

2. About application requirements

Can we participate even if not for the purpose of overseas business development?

Yes, you can. There were many companies with the outcome in new business development and inbound business in the past. For details, please check "Introducing Case Studies in New Business Development/Innovation."

3. About after application

What kind of burden(cost and time) will the host companies have?

The host company must bear the costs required for the intern to participate in the internship, including the intern’s accommodation and commuting expense from the accommodation to the work place, and company person's travel and hotel expenses (if needed) when it comes to attend the trainings. For details, please check "Main responsibilities of host companies."

3. About after application

Can we take interns on overseas business trip?

Unfortunately, you can't take interns on business trip overseas during internship period.

3. About after application

Do we need to pay the intern a salary?

No. The host company does not need to pay a salary. We will pay the allowance as living expense.

4. Other inquiries

What is the training content? Is it mandatory to attend all the trainings?

There are two kinds of cross-cultural management training for host companies and they are mandatory: Pre-training at the start of the internship, and follow-up training during the internship. For details, please check this content as described in "Running Internships" in the “Internship Process”.

4. Other inquiries

Is it possible to select interns?

The Program Office conducts document-based reviews, primary interviews, and secondary interviews of interns in order to narrow down the candidates. The Program Office recommends prospective candidates based on preferences and requirements for acceptance, and the content of the internship that depends on each company. Eventually, the host company is responsible to the selection of the Intern. For details, please check the “Internship Process”.

4. Other inquiries

Which accommodation type would be suitable for intern?

We believe that the safety and privacy must be considered as the most important factors when the host company prepares accommodation for intern. In the past examples, there are employee dormitories, monthly apartments, guesthouses, homestay and so on.

4. Other inquiries

On what purpose are interns going to apply this program?

Many of them hope to work in Japanese companies or work globally in the future.

1. How to apply

When will the entry start?

Application ordinarily starts in the middle of May.

1. How to apply

Where can I get the application form ?

Please go to our website and proceed application form.

2. About application requirements

I don't have my passport for now. Am I qualified as an applicant?

Yes, you can just apply our program only if your conditions satisfy our requirement. As you are chosen, please apply passport as soon as possible.

2. About application requirements

Who is eligible to apply?

For more details on requirement, please click here.

2. About application requirements

To what extent are Japanese language and English language ability required?

Japanese language ability (Level of N3 or higher on the JLPT as a guide) or sufficient English language ability will be indispensable for fully engaging in the program.
Please check the application requirements here.

2. About application requirements

I'm a foreign student who goes to university in Japan. Am I eligible to apply?

Unfortunately, foreign students in Japan are not eligible to apply.

3. About after application

I would like to modify my application form.

In case of modification of Name, Nationality, Age, and Language skill, please inform our office by email. For other information, you don't need to inform currently. Please wait until we contact you once we need concerning screening process.

3. About after application

When should I send my recommendation letter or CV ?

You don‘t need to send any application documents when you apply. We will inform you if your documents will be required in accordance with our screening process.

3. About after application

When will I know the result?

The final selection result will be fixed by the end of August at the latest. We will also inform you if you are not passed the selection at each screening stage by e-mail. Please wait for the contact from us.

3. About after application

What is the procedure after applying and how will the host company be determined?

We conduct a document-based review, primary interview (in your local language, English or Japanese), and a final interview (in Japanese or English). Interview is conducted twice at most. Some candidates are chosen among the finalists and recommended who might best match with the company. We notify the Host company and the intern of the matching result. After gaining consensus of both sides, Internship officially set up. For details, please check the “Internship Process”.

4. Other inquiries

Is it possible to be an employee of the host company after finishing the internship?

This program is aimed to provide internship opportunity, not for job recruitment, however, some interns have been employed by their host companies after their internship in the past.

4. Other inquiries

Can I trip abroad or go on overseas business trip during my stay in Japan?

You are not allowed to go out of Japan during internship in any case. Once you have departed from Japan, your visa shall be invalid.

4. Other inquiries

Is the application fee required ?

No. There is no application fee. If you don‘t hold passport as of now or need to reissue before coming to Japan, Application fee will be covered out of your pocket.

4. Other inquiries

What kind of companies host internships?

Host companies that participate in this program are small to medium-sized enterprises throughout Japan, and their industrial types and the company locations are wide-ranging. We are going to start sign-up process for host companies as intern screening process goes by, so if you are selected as an intern, we will introduce you to host companies that suit your skills and abilities. Please check here for the case studies from the past internships.

Can I choose the period of my internship?

JIP office will designate internship period. There are 5 possible schedules for the internship:
A : Entering Japan on Sun, Sep 1 & departing Tue, Nov 12
B : Entering Japan on Mon, Sep 9 & departing Tue, Nov 19
C : Entering Japan on Tue, Sep 17 & departing Tue, Nov 26
D : Entering Japan on Mon, Sep 30 & departing Tue, Dec 10
E : Entering Japan on Mon, Oct 7 & departing Tue, Dec 17

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