Program Goals

What is the Japan Internship Program?

This  project provides Global Talents who are interested in working for a Japanese company with opportunities to grasp the image of working in Japan through participation in an internship program. After the internship is completed, the program also contributes to actual employment in Japan and the subsequent settlement of the interns by providing follow-up support for matching them with jobs in Japan and Japanese language education for interns who received job offers from the companies that hosted them.

In addition, through the internship program, we will encourage Japanese companies to develop an environment in which highly-skilled foreign professionals can play an active role, and promote the strengthening of their systems for overseas expansion and other activities. Through these efforts, we aim to strengthen the competitiveness of Japanese companies and at the same time, encourage highly-skilled foreign professionals to play an active role in Japan.

Internship Style

This year, the internship programme offers a choice of the following two courses.

Face-to-face courses in Japan < Visiting internship >

The interns will come from overseas and commute daily from their accommodation facility within commuting distance to the internship site. This provides the opportunity to gain experience working in Japan and learn about Japanese culture and lifestyle.

Online Course < Online internship >

Internship experience is conducted from your own home or elsewhere. This style is suitable for companies considering overseas expansion, as it allows to conduct surveys that can only be done locally. It is also convenient for participants from overseas, as they can participate in the internship without having to go through immigration procedures.

Internship Schedule

Program Framework

Program Framework

Internship Schedule

Internship Schedule

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Definition of Terms

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