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I experienced the manufacturing and sales processes from product development to arrangement with overseas agents.



Yamanashi / Manufacturing industry


Vietnam / Shizuoka University、Biological Sciences


Understanding of diverse cultures and further promotion of globalization through internship

Q.Why did your company decide to take on interns? What did you aim to achieve?
We had experience in accepting non-Japanese students and other internships, which led to the employment of highly-skilled foreign professionals. As it was possible to accept an intern in person, we decided to participate in the program. We had three purposes. The first was to hire highly-skilled foreign professionals to give momentum to further promotion of globalization, although we are already operating business overseas. The second was to improve work efficiency by involving a foreign national, in relation to the above purpose. An increase of non-Japanese workers means that it is necessary to accept diversifying cultures as seen in the concept of diversity and inclusion. Therefore, we decided to accept the intern as a member of a team instead of the entire company, for our third purpose to improve receptivity of different cultures in the team and then applying it to similar operations in the company.


We drew out the intern’s language skill and expertise in science and engineering by checking tasks in cooperation with the mentor.

Q.What kind of internship did you run? What difficulties did you face and how did you resolve them?
We prepared a program to make the most of the intern’s language skills and expertise in science and engineering. By having a senior employee accompany him as a caretaker, we checked his daily tasks and had him conduct the following operations: (1) Translation of descriptions of videos that explain how to use our medical devices to overseas agents and medical institutes, which he finished although he had some difficulties with technical terms, (2) preparation of a user list as basic data necessary for analysis in different countries, which will lead to our future actions, (3) support for acceptance inspection of medical devices under development including preparation of documents necessary for development, by making use of his expertise in science and engineering, and (4) participation in meetings with overseas agents, in which he conveyed his unique view to us based on the essence of things.



Recognition of the possibility of accepting overseas talent and promotion of globalization in the company

Q.Comparing before and after the internship, what effects did it have on you, your employees, or your organization?
The following two effects were achieved through the acceptance of Dan-san in the internship program: (1) We renewed our recognition of the excellence of highly-skilled foreign professionals. It was also verified that the intern was able to fully satisfy work efficiency. We were very happy to have come to know Dan-san through the internship. We also sincerely hope that his understanding of our company will lead to him becoming an employee of our company. (2) We were able to understand that it is necessary for us to accept diverse cultures. Because of the difference in environments with the highly-skilled foreign professionals, we communicated with him in the same way as we do with new employees. We came to understand that we could communicate with him by doing usual things in usual manners, instead of overreacting just because he was from overseas. We intend to promote globalization of our company by conveying this experience to other departments.



I was able to learn about the flow of business by knowing the actual company activities.

Q.What did you get out of the internship?
By experiencing the workplace of a Japanese company through the internship, I had valuable opportunities to learn how to proceed with work, share information within the company and maintain human relations at the workplace. I was also able to deepen my knowledge by hearing business topics in the medical industry at meetings with overseas agents and other opportunities. In addition, I once again learned about the importance of marketing. No matter how good products are, they are useless and business cannot be continued if they are not known to, or used by, many people. It was a very positive experience being involved in sales promotion activities, including promotion of new products and follow-up services for clients. I again felt that a positive attitude and health management are really important to fulfill my tasks. Although I was full of worries at first, I was able to display my potential to the fullest and contribute to the accepting company, even modestly, thanks to the warm welcome and kind guidance of everyone in the company. I was filled with a sense of accomplishment during the internship.


Komatsu Ltd.

企業Komatsu Ltd.

Osaka / Construction industry

インターンNida Khairunisa

Indonesia / Diponegoro University、Japanese Studies in Arts & Humanities Category

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Another Works, Inc

企業Another Works, Inc

Tokyo / Information and communication industry

インターン/Nabil Ahmed

Bangladesh / Waseda University、Computer Science & Information Systems

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Tokyo / Information and communication industry

インターンAssem Karatayeva

Kazakhstan / KIMEP University、Communication & Media Studies

インターンIqball Putra

Universitas Airlangga / Department of Japanese Studies

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Kyosui Inc.

企業Kyosui Inc.

Kyoto / Food manufacturing industry

インターンCarmelita Darmawan

Indonesia / University of Indonesia、Japanese Studies in Arts & Humanities Category

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