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We have created a website for our new business concerning the importation and sale of overseas products and have successfully sold products from Vietnam!
Through the establishment of an import flow chart for overseas products, our ambition to enter new overseas markets has increased.

KS Partners Inc.KS Partners Inc.

Host companiesKS Partners Inc.

Osaka/IT Service/EC Website Creation and Operation

InternsLe Thi Dieu Thao

Vietnam/Foreign Trade University, International economics


The CEO decided to apply for the internship program without any consultation. There was a stony silence and a feeling of “apprehension” in the company when it was announced.

Q.Why did your company decide to take on interns? What did you aim to achieve?
Although we are engaged in business involving overseas transactions, some employees were quite apprehensive about doing business with foreign nationals. For example, even if the content of the business is basically the same as that conducted in Japan, employees were hesitant to take on the work after merely hearing the words “China” or “America”. Therefore, I decided to change this inward-looking situation. When I announced that the company was going to accept a foreign intern, many in the company objected. However, I really believe that this was the correct decision, even though the necessity had to be explained and implemented against the will of some people.


Details of the Internship

Our goal is to import products from Vietnam to Japan. I realized a very important thing when we encountered an “unexpected pitfall”.

Q.What kind of internship did you run? What difficulties did you face and how did you resolve them?
As the intern was a graduate from a university specializing in international trade in Vietnam, the objective of the internship was to import and sell products from Vietnam in Japan. The intern created a website and sent out hundreds of inquiries to companies in Vietnam. However, she received absolutely no response and her motivation declined by the day. After discussing what might be problem, we realized that we needed to send an entirely difference type of inquiries, and determined that we should search for “companies that sold products popular in Japan in countries such as Vietnam” instead of searching for “companies that would sell Vietnamese products in Japan”. Although we lost quite a lot of time, we learned the importance of communicating in a careful manner. As the Japanese language often omits the subject of a sentence, we made efforts to provide explanations by combining conversations, pictures and written explanations in order to prevent communication problems and achieve mutual understanding.

Details of the Internship


The uneasiness with dealing with overseas companies by the company employees disappeared when our intern took the lead in new business.

Q.Comparing before and after the internship, what effects did it have on you, your employees, or your organization?
As we now have a steady outlook of imports of products from Vietnam, back orders for several types of products, purchasers and regular customers, we feel that we are currently on the right track. This is a new type of business for the company and we were most surprised that a student from overseas could achieve such a great outcome. As a result of her efforts, we have developed a program for the importation of overseas products and we plan to adapt this to other countries in order to further develop our entry into overseas markets. Our primary objective for applying for the internship program was to address the uneasiness felt by our Japanese staff. While I think that the personality of the intern played a large part, the company experienced a dramatic turn around to the extent that some staff members have stated that they wish to visit Vietnam next year and some wish to assist our overseas business. There is now a welcoming atmosphere in the company whereby it is hard to believe that any of the staff member objected in the first place. This has all been achieved through the positive efforts of one intern from overseas.


From the Interns

A "willing to communicate attitude" even with a low level of Japanese ability.

Q.What did you get out of the internship?
The internship was very challenging as I had to learn new things every day. When I first arrived in Japan, I caught a cold and became homesick. However, it was a great experience to work in a Japanese company and learn about Japanese business culture through this internship. One of the most surprising aspects about working in a Japanese company was that the employees continued work until they were satisfied with the result. In Vietnam, people take breaks at break times, even if they have not finished their work. However, in Japan, staff take breaks after they are satisfied with their work. Having personally witnessed how hard Japanese people work, I feel that I understand how Japan has achieved such great development. In addition, as I was learning Japanese on my own, I thought that the biggest obstacle would be overcoming the language barrier, but I was very pleased to learn that this was not the case. We used gestures and pictures, etc., to communicate important matters, and when I return to Vietnam, I will tell people that communication is possible when people make the effort.

From the Interns


Naganuma Works Inc.

Host companiesNaganuma Works Inc.

Akita/Manufacturing/Sheet Metal and Machined Parts Manufacturing

InternsRozihan Izmi Bin Zainul Rashid

Malaysia/University of Toyama, Mechanical Intellectual Systems Engineering

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SAKURA Community Service Corporation Co., Ltd.

Host companiesSAKURA Community Service Corporation Co., Ltd.

Hokkaido/Nursing Care Service

InternsMuhammad Harrtyan

Indonesia/University of Indonesia, Economics

InternsDien Thi Ngoc Linh

Vietnam/Viet Nam/Ho Chi Minh City University of Law, Business Administration

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Yutaka Co., Ltd.

Host companiesYutaka Co., Ltd.

Hokkaido/Food Service Industry

InternsPimsri Piengrawin

Thailand/Srinakharinwirot University, Computer for Communication

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Assign Co., Ltd.

Host companiesAssign Co., Ltd.

Ibaraki/IT Services

InternsBui Thu Thao

Vietnam/University of Languages and International Studies (ULIS), Japanses

InternsMohamed Sabtu Noraiman

Malaysia Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Melaka, Software Development

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