Cross-Cultural Management

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A definite first step for entering the overseas nursing care business.
Our interns have motivated our junior employees and reformed the work environment through work rationalization.

SAKURA Community Service Corporation Co., Ltd.SAKURA Community Service Corporation Co., Ltd.

Host companiesSAKURA Community Service Corporation Co., Ltd.

Hokkaido/Nursing Care Service

InternsMuhammad Harrtyan

Indonesia/University of Indonesia, Economics

InternsDien Thi Ngoc Linh

Vietnam/Viet Nam/Ho Chi Minh City University of Law, Business Administration


Both the company and its employees need to have international awareness in order to develop nursing care business overseas

Q.Why did your company decide to take on interns? What did you aim to achieve?
From the outset, we have planned to develop our nursing care business by not only focusing on local community-based business limited to the domestic market, but also to expand our nursing care business into the overseas market. Last year we established a joint venture company in Myanmar and we are considering other projects including the establishment of a nursing care facility in Hawaii. We aim to further develop our nursing care business in the future and make our company operation the global standard. However, we still do not have enough staff with an interest in the overseas market, so we decided to apply for this internship program.


Details of the Internship

We were very surprised to know that we could make proposals including multiple regression analysis and new business!

Q.What kind of internship did you run? What difficulties did you face and how did you resolve them?
Our interns conducted overseas market research, researched information ranging from the macro-economic environment and made presentations in the development of our nursing care business in their home countries. In addition, as a result of the market research and proposals made by our two interns in regard to Singapore, we have introduced a nursing care curriculum for the Japanese school that we will establish in the future, and we have collected much more detailed information than we anticipated. The interns participate in a daily review with their supervisor and weekly review with their manager in order to that they perform work in a productive manner without waste. Normally, I conduct a final direct onsite investigation and determine whether or not it is useful for business. However, due to the numerous important results produces by our interns, it appears that we will be able to make a determination on entering a market with on the ground knowledge much earlier than scheduled. This has truly made a great difference. I very much wish to maintain our connection with our interns even after the internship.

Details of the Internship


Motivating junior employees, reducing overtime through rationalization and feeling closer to other countries.

Q.Comparing before and after the internship, what effects did it have on you, your employees, or your organization?
Our interns were absolutely brilliant and produced many outcomes. To be honest, I initially did not think that they would be this talented. I basically thought that it would be a good opportunity for our staff to meet some foreign nationals. Their performance was fabulous. They performed their work in an accurate and speedy manner and were very creative and adaptable. We already had some young Japanese employees of the same generation in the company and the interns without a doubt provided great motivation. They efficiently prepared reports with tens of pages in only three to four days, even though English and Japanese are not their native languages. Furthermore, they finished their work within the regular working hours at 18:00, naturally reducing overtime throughout the company. I really feel that they made the work environment a more vibrant place. And as they were the first foreign nationals to work at the company, I think that some employees were a bit apprehensive, but after sitting and working next to each other and sharing private conversations, the other employees and myself began to feel less distance between Japan and countries outside Japan. This has been an unexpected, but a fantastic result for the company that has now made us seriously consider hiring foreign staff.


From the Interns

I feel that I have grown as a person as a result of the Japanese company culture.

Q.What did you get out of the internship?
Although I felt confused at the start, as a result of the precise checks by the Japanese staff during work activities and personally experiencing the Japanese company “culture of extensive personnel training”, I realized that I was actually not as “good” at some things as I thought and I was still “immature”. I also thought at times that I could not produce 100% of my ability when under pressure, but I learned that it was important to develop skill and mental strength through the Japanese method of training.(Muhammad Harrtyan)
I signed up for the internship because I wanted to learn more about the Japanese working style. I was a little worried as this was my first time to live abroad, and, in addition, I felt insecurity because of my limited Japanese language ability. The communication at work was not always smooth, but my superior gave me an excellent piece of advice – “Whether you can do it or not is entirely up to you”. This advice really alleviated the pressure, and as a result I became able to communicate in a much smoother way. Further, the things that the teachers in the coordination center taught me prior to the internship were also extremely helpful as well.(Dien Thi Ngoc Linh)

From the Interns


Naganuma Works Inc.

Host companiesNaganuma Works Inc.

Akita/Manufacturing/Sheet Metal and Machined Parts Manufacturing

InternsRozihan Izmi Bin Zainul Rashid

Malaysia/University of Toyama, Mechanical Intellectual Systems Engineering

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KS Partners Inc.≈

Host companiesKS Partners Inc.

Osaka/IT Service/EC Website Creation and Operation

InternsLe Thi Dieu Thao

Vietnam/Foreign Trade University, International economics

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Yutaka Co., Ltd.

Host companiesYutaka Co., Ltd.

Hokkaido/Food Service Industry

InternsPimsri Piengrawin

Thailand/Srinakharinwirot University, Computer for Communication

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Assign Co., Ltd.

Host companiesAssign Co., Ltd.

Ibaraki/IT Services

InternsBui Thu Thao

Vietnam/University of Languages and International Studies (ULIS), Japanses

InternsMohamed Sabtu Noraiman

Malaysia Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Melaka, Software Development

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