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Contribution to formulation of overseas sales strategy and overseas new product development!
Acquired real local information through diligent information exchange with the interns

Hagihara Farm Production Institute Co., Ltd.KIYORA kikuchi Co., Ltd.

企業企業KIYORA kikuchi Co., Ltd.

Kumamoto/Soft Drinks Manufacturing Business

インターンインターンSyifa Adilla

Indonesia/Graduated from University of Padjadjaran/Psychology

インターンインターンNur Fatihah Kamaruddin

Malaysia/Graduated from Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology(MJIIT)/Environmental Engineering and Green Technology


For the purpose of further expanding sales in overseas markets and developing new sales channels

Q.Why did your company decide to take on interns? What did you aim to achieve?
Our main product is hydrogen water using 100% natural water from Kikuchi City which is rich in nature. As a pioneer manufacturer of hydrogen water, we have been engaged in manufacturing and sales. In Japan there was a boom in hydrogen water with recognition becoming high, however the boom has now faded, and the domestic market is shrinking. Under this backdrop, we looked for overseas sales channels, and commenced exports to Taiwan and Hong Kong from 2015, and to Singapore from 2017. Although we just started exports to Singapore, the local reaction has been good, and we felt potential there. We learned about this program just as we were thinking about making genuine concerted efforts relative to Southeast Asian markets including Singapore. We applied for the purpose of obtaining real local information in order raise sales in overseas markets and develop overseas sales channels. We also wanted to do something about diminishing the sense of apprehension and reluctance among many employees relative to overseas.



Frequent communication with the interns was the key to success

Q.What kind of internship did you run? What difficulties did you face and how did you resolve them?
Before coming to Japan, we provided a full range of information to the interns regarding their mission, workplace environment and living environment. In addition, we invited them to join our existing LINE group, and employees and interns introduced themselves. By having thorough communications before the internships started, things proceeded smoothly when they came to Japan.
After the internships began, we had the interns perform work in line with the mission conveyed in advance. We had the interns do market research on three topics for Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore in order to obtain local information related to overseas development. First we had them research actual conditions of each country in order to identify target customers and set the appropriate price. Next, we had them do market research on beauty jelly and supplements for new product development. Next, we had them do market research on water and soft drinks in order to formulate sales strategy. Based on the results, together we discussed sales strategy and new product development, and received valuable opinions. Also, it is our corporate culture to have frequent discussions rather than formal meetings, and we had many exchanges of opinions with the interns.



The Japanese way is of no use.
Obtained detailed information for sales strategy suitable for the local market.

Q.Comparing before and after the internship, what effects did it have on you, your employees, or your organization?
One of the accomplishments was obtaining information necessary for developing overseas sales channels. Based on the research of the 2 interns, we were able to clarify differences between each country and Japan, and from conditions for each country, we were able to understand preferences, constraints on ingredients, appropriate prices, purchasing routes, delivery methods etc. Clearly recognizing that trying to use Japanese sales methods would not work, it was a major accomplishment that we were able to do product development. A second success was being able to deepen our understanding of Muslim culture through working together with the Muslim interns. This will be quite useful going forward for overseas sales. The third success was diminishing the apprehension and reluctance of employees regarding overseas. There were some barriers initially, as few employees would try to communicate by themselves, however as people became accustomed to working in an environment together with foreigners, gradually they became more proactive in starting up communications. Activities were planned involving all departments, and holding exchange events providing an opportunity to build relationships with employees proved to be a success. The environment became such that if you had one conversation, the distance shrank, and even if they couldn’t speak English, they would still try to communicate.



Opportunity to once again learn about our own countries and ourselves.
We want to use this experience in our future careers.

Q.What did you get out of the internship?
Although I participated in this program because I wanted to study Japanese business and culture, through the marketing research, I realized that actually there are many things I don’t know about my own country. In the process of researching various things for the company’s overseas development, I was able to learn a lot about myself and my own country. Through the internship, I met a side of myself that I didn’t know before. My major was psychology, and marketing was not my strong suit, and I didn’t want to do it, so I had avoided it until now. However, after actually trying, I found myself enjoying it. I realized that it is important not to limit my possibilities, and to challenge various things. (Syifa Adilla)
At university I studied chemical process engineering, so it was extremely interesting for me to learn about the manufacturing process for hydrogen water. Also, through hands on experience of working at a Japanese company, I learned the importance of “ho-ren-so” (literally, “report / contact / consult”) and “PDCA (plan, do, check, act)”. I definitely hope to be able to use this experience and what I learned in my future career. Kikuchi City, Kumamoto Prefecture where the company is located is a beautiful town rich in nature. It is not a well-known area, so initially I was slightly apprehensive, but I fell in love with living in the peaceful countryside. (Nur Fatihah Kamaruddin)



Fujisaki Electric Corporation

企業Fujisaki Electric Corporation

Tokushima/Construction Manufacturing/Natural Energy Power Generation

インターンNoor Bazila Sharifmuddin

Malaysia/Master's degree at Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology(MJIIT)/Electrical Engineering

インターンElizzah Rahmatika

Indonesia/Master's degree at Institut Teknologi Bandung/Mining Engineering

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NiKKi Fron Co., Ltd.

企業NiKKi Fron Co., Ltd.


インターンDang Phan Binh Minh

Vietnam/Foreign Trade University HCMC/International Economics

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Toyama/Planning, Development, Manufacturing and Sales of Quasi-drugs and Cosmetics

インターンLe Nguyen Khanh Hoa

Vietnam/University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh city/ Pharmacy

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SHOEI Driving School Co., Ltd.

企業SHOEI Driving School Co., Ltd.

Okayama/Management of Driving School

インターンShweta Arora

India/Master's degree at Delhi University/Japanese literature

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Hyogo/Food Manufacturing

インターンElamin Niematallah

Sudan/Osaka University (Doctoral course)/Economics

インターンAriq Suryo Wicaksono

Indonesia/Graduated from University of Muhammadiyah Malang/Food Science and Technology

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Hagihara Farm Production Institute Co., Ltd.

企業Hagihara Farm Production Institute Co., Ltd.

Nara/Watermelon・Melon Breeding

インターンLe Huy Hoang

Vietnam/Graduated from University of Science and Technology of Hanoi/Agronomical Biotechnology

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