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Perfection of Management Tools adopting the Ideas of Global Science Personnel! Major Push for In-Company Globalization Through Exchanges with Employees



Osaka/ Wholesale and Trade

インターンインターンBosovic Hadzovic Belma

Bosnia and Herzegovina/Master’s degree at University of Sarajevo/Mechanical Engineering

インターンインターンSharma Mridul

India/NMIMS University/Graduated from NMIMS University /Mechanical Engineering


Aiming for Globalization of the Entire Company and Hoping to Enter Markets in Europe and India

Q.Why did your company decide to take on interns? What did you aim to achieve?
We are a trading company that handles a broad range of merchandise , such as raw materials for paints, raw materials for solar power devices, optical lenses, mechanical devices, and automotive parts. We made a first step into the Singaporean market in 1992 exporting raw materials for paint and solar power devices, then entered the market in China and having expanded our market to ASEAN region, but we are aiming for further expansion and go further into the mechanical device field and other materials in Europe and India. For we have been mainly targeting mechanical devices within Japan, so mechanical device product team has no experience or knowledge of overseas sales. Additionally, because the overseas business department in charge of China and the ASEAN region can't afford to handle new products at that time, we felt it was necessary to globalize all the section of our company. Our requirement for the interns was person who have science background or come from the target region. As a result, Interns were from Eastern Europe and India. We have experience in hiring personnel from China and the ASEAN region before, but we expected to have interns from unknown areas with unknown cultures , so as to accelerate in-company globalization and develop our overseas projects.



Lending a Hand in Many Activities for the Building of Overseas Sales; Enhancing Cultural Exchange with Employees

Q.What kind of internship did you run? What difficulties did you face and how did you resolve them?
The interns firstly posted at our "Overseas Business Strategy Department", where has plenty of achievement in overseas business, and we began by letting them understand the structure of "Shosha" which is unique business form only exists in Japan ,and understand Japanese corporate culture as well. At the beginning of the internship, the interns were involved in marketing research in Europe and India regarding raw materials for solar power generation. Our company has 20 years of sales experience of raw materials for solar power devices and number of goods variation we handle has been increasing year by year.Followed by this, we need to shift to product mix sales in order to go ahead overseas expansion. We asked the interns to create a catalogue that would be effective ahead of distributing globally . We also asked them to make potential customer lists for the target regions and to support in replying to some inquiries from abroad. On the second month, the interns participated in meetings frequently with suppliers and visited factories where they could learn the products features . Then, We requested them to rearrange brochures and flyer customized for overseas sales by utilizing their scientific background. Additionally, we had a inter-cultural goal "Conquering the 6 Cities of Kansai" which we take them to the famous tourist sites in the surrounding area with our employees, aiming to promote an exchange between different cultures.



Completion of Sales Tools Packed with Ideas Unique to Personnel with a Global Science Background

Q.Comparing before and after the internship, what effects did it have on you, your employees, or your organization?
The marketing methods carried out by our interns differed from conventional market surveys we had been doing which brought us new perspective on sales outlets. Additionally, they gave us some fresh ideas to change our merchandise catalogues and flyers.We felt that those ideas could only being brought up from foreign personnel with a scientific background, As a result, we were able to create amazing PR material capable of attracting overseas clients. Furthermore, the interns demonstrated their abilities on designing new exhibition layout held in Tokyo. They cooperated together on making overseas promotional videos which encourage us to exploit new countries. The interns joined our in-house meeting where they earnestly gave their thoughts about our company's future overseas expansion. We spent many hours on holiday excursions such as going to Daibutsu in Nara ,temples and shrines in Kyoto, taking photos with Japanese Kimono, experiencing tea ceremony, viewing the autumn leaves, and having barbeques which would be the most memorable event which deepened the cultural exchange with our employees. Some of our staffs, who usually don't have the opportunity to speak English, take away resistance to English through talking with the interns in office ,sometimes at lunch break. We felt that atmosphere of the office became vibrant and more likely to exchange our opinion actively after we accepted interns.



Coming into Contact with Japanese Technology as an Engineer and Learning How to Approach Work

Q.What did you get out of the internship?
At Matsuo Sangyo, I was able to have an amazing experience in the factory visits and meetings. I understood that if you just care for other people and be open-hearted, it's possible to go beyond culture, nationality, religion, and customs and understand one another. I will not forget this precious experience where sometimes I was encouraged, sometimes I was handled strictly ,but all the experiences at Matsuo Sangyo helped me grow in human. I hope to return to Japan again someday. (Sharma Mridul)
Coming to Japan was my long cherished dream as an engineer. Being able to touch with the cutting-edge technology for camera lenses and the production processes for solar power devices was very informative. I came to know through my stay in Japan ,that every customs which are only familiar to Japanese people and companies have some meanings.There is a logical structure for increasing efficiency and quality. Under the work ethos of "work without distinction of rank" I felt that everyone in Japan has his/her pride in their work ,which would help them to have become the country of advanced technology. Even though the internship ended, I would like to keep on positive relationship with Matsuo Sangyo as a business partner. (Bosovic Hadzovic Belma)



the Business Union of Hachimantai Geothermal Utilize

企業Business Union of Hachimantai Geothermal Utilize

Iwate/Geothermal utilizationy, Agriculture

インターンAshok Krishnan

Malaysia/Graduated from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology,Mass Communication

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Stera Vision Co., Ltd.

企業Stera Vision Co., Ltd.


インターンLim Teik Jin

Malaysia/UCSI University Faculty of Engineering, Technology & Built Environment. BEng (Hons) Electrical & Electronic Engineerin

インターンHanifah Harudini Priambudi

Indonesia/Institut Teknologi Bandung  Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Department of Physics

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Fukunaga Engineering Co.,Ltd.

企業Fukunaga Engineering Co.,Ltd.


インターンEliyas Ebrahim Aman

Ethiopia/Master’s degree at Punjabi University Patiala,India, SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES

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i-cube Ltd.

企業i-cube Ltd.

Nagano/Education Service

インターンMohammad Ibnu Ardana

Indonesia/Universitas Darma Persada, Japanese Literature

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Grandsoul Nara

企業Grandsoul Nara

Nara/Medical Welfare

インターンDo Thi Kim Dung

Vietnam/thang long university,Japanese

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Kagawa/Meat Products Manufacturing

インターンNiruntarai Piangjai

Thailand/Graduated from Thammasat University, Journalism and mass communication

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Osaka/Smart City Service

インターンBaharudin Kevin Azza Pratyaksa

Indonesia/Graduated from University of Brawijaya,Engineering

インターンBashir Eltayeb Alamin Abdelgader

Sudan/Graduated from Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University,Business and Information Technology

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インターンNorboev Jonibek

Uzbekistan/Graduated from INHA University in Tashkent, Information and Computer Engineering

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Miyazaki/Food Manufacturing

インターンMongkhon Thanyalak

Thailand/Graduated from Chulalongkorn University,Arts,Japanese Major

インターンPandey Priyanka

India/Master’s degree at Savitribai Phule Pune University,Department of Microbiology

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Tokyo/Food Wholesale

インターンZhang, Chenjie

China/Graduated from Rikkyo University College of Tourism

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Hotel yokikan Co.,Ltd.

企業Hotel yokikan Co.,Ltd.

Yamaguchi/Hotel Management

インターンChyntiana Setiawan

Indonesia/Graduated from PASIM National University,Literature

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Kani Construction Co., Ltd.

企業Kani Construction Co., Ltd.

Aichi/Construction industry

インターンAbdalrahman Mohamed Abdelraouf Mohamed Elshafey

Egypt/Master’s degree at University Technology Malaysia/Civil Engineering

インターンSerene Tan

Malaysia/Graduated from Kyushu University/Marine and Civil Engineering

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Safety Security Co., Ltd.

企業Safety Security Co., Ltd.

Hokkaido/Security Service

インターンTran Thanh Huy

Vietnam/Graduated from Foreign Trade University/Economics - International Business Economics

インターンHoang Vu Khanh Thy

Vietnam/Ho Chi Minh City University of Foreign Languages and Information Technology International Relations

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SIC co.,Ltd

企業SIC co.,Ltd

Fukuoka/Business Consulting, Hair Salon Management, Childcare Services

インターンNguyen Bao Ly

Vietnam/Graduated from Vietnam National University/Hanoi Faculty of Japanese Language and Culture

インターンNguyen Thi Ha Ngan

Vietnam/Univercity of teacher training ,Japanese

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Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd.

企業Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd.


インターンTawfiq Basha Kursheeth Basha

India/Master’s degree at B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent University/Department of Physics

インターンPushkar K. Sharma

India/Vishwakarma Institute of Technology/Department of Mechanical Engineering

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