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We want to utilize the interns' market information and networks to lead to business opportunities in Southeast Asia



Osaka/Smart City Service

インターンインターンBaharudin Kevin Azza Pratyaksa

Indonesia/Graduated from University of Brawijaya,Engineering

インターンインターンBashir Eltayeb Alamin Abdelgader

Sudan/Graduated from Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University,Business and Information Technology


High expectations for intern information and market research, as a foothold for overseas business development

Q.Why did your company decide to take on interns? What did you aim to achieve?
Since we first started in 2014, we have been engaged in infrastructure service development for food stalls, food trucks and pop-up stores. On intangible elements, we provide platforms such as websites to match event organizers and shops, and on tangible elements we are also handling infrastructure such as outdoor power outlets for food trucks. Since our inception, we have thought that we would like to advance into overseas markets, including Southeast Asia where food trucks are thriving; however, we were in a frustrating situation where a start-up company like ours lacked the organizational strength, market research capabilities and funding to compete overseas, yet if we waited until we had a complete organizational structure in place, it would be too late. At that time, we learned about this program and decided to conduct market research and creates channels utilizing the information and networks of the interns' home countries through internships. We requested interns who were technicians or engineers with English proficiency regardless of their Japanese language abilities.



After they experienced a wide range of operations, it led to market research and business proposals

Q.What kind of internship did you run? What difficulties did you face and how did you resolve them?
We first started our intern activity by having them grasp our vision, our proprietary systems and technologies and target areas. Furthermore, we had them engage in a wide range of activities to understand our business, such as visiting our business partner from large companies to sole proprietorships, handling customers at exhibitions, visiting universities and research institutions, and participating in collaborative workshops among companies, and had them work on the main objectives of market research and channel development in the interns' native countries and coordinate business according to the needs of their countries. During the internship period maintained close communication with the interns and coordinated activities according to their individual interests and strong points. In addition, we strived to have them not only learn the Japanese business etiquette and customs, but also to become familiar with Japanese culture such as the tea ceremony, hot springs, Japanese cuisine and Takoyaki parties. Both interns were Muslims and they requested mosque worship. We learned that, for Muslims, Friday was an important day for visiting a mosque, so we allowed them to go to the mosque on Fridays. We responded flexibly to their religious customs, checking with them at all times.



We discovered opportunities in Southeast Asia and created a vision for overseas expansion

Q.Comparing before and after the internship, what effects did it have on you, your employees, or your organization?
Firstly, by accepting two English-speaking interns, the frequency of use of English was increased, which led to improvement of English proficiency in the company. In addition, from the market research conducted by the interns, we discovered that there were big differences between the Japanese market and the markets of the interns' home countries in terms of the needs and orientation. Up to now, our overseas business plans have been vague, but the persuasive opinions and supporting data from the interns again showed that there are big opportunities in Southeast Asia, and our business vision for overseas expansion became much clearer. Specifically, by having the interns help us with presentations aimed at major companies, we have now entered the planning stage of collaboration. What is more, we had not anticipated it initially, but it might be possible to develop business channels for a trading business not found in our existing business through the relatives of the interns. We have maintained contact with the interns even after their return home, and from the end of January 2019 some of our employees have headed to Indonesia and Malaysia, and will conduct full-scale market research with their cooperation.



Through my experience of business in Japan, I was able to learn the ideal way of working

Q.What did you get out of the internship?
In my internship at Andeco, I was deeply impressed by the enthusiasm shown by the employees and the CEO for their work. When I saw them engaging in their work with a passion on a level I had never experienced before in my life, I realized my own immaturity, but at the same time it also motivated me to work harder to catch up with them. My internship was a priceless opportunity, in which I was able to make new friends, personal connections and enjoy wonderful experiences. (Baharudin Kevin Azza Pratyaksa)
Everyone at Andeco was so kind and treated me so well. I sensed a lot of differences in business style compared to my home country, but what I was particularly impressed was the etiquette. In addition, the attitude of learning from failures and mistakes and using them to grow will help sustain me in the future. When I start a business in the future, I plan to incorporate the Japanese business style I learned with Andeco. (Bashir Eltayeb Alamin Abdelgader)



the Business Union of Hachimantai Geothermal Utilize

企業Business Union of Hachimantai Geothermal Utilize

Iwate/Geothermal utilizationy, Agriculture

インターンAshok Krishnan

Malaysia/Graduated from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology,Mass Communication

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Stera Vision Co., Ltd.

企業Stera Vision Co., Ltd.


インターンLim Teik Jin

Malaysia/UCSI University Faculty of Engineering, Technology & Built Environment. BEng (Hons) Electrical & Electronic Engineerin

インターンHanifah Harudini Priambudi

Indonesia/Institut Teknologi Bandung  Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Department of Physics

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Fukunaga Engineering Co.,Ltd.

企業Fukunaga Engineering Co.,Ltd.


インターンEliyas Ebrahim Aman

Ethiopia/Master’s degree at Punjabi University Patiala,India, SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES

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i-cube Ltd.

企業i-cube Ltd.

Nagano/Education Service

インターンMohammad Ibnu Ardana

Indonesia/Universitas Darma Persada, Japanese Literature

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Grandsoul Nara

企業Grandsoul Nara

Nara/Medical Welfare

インターンDo Thi Kim Dung

Vietnam/thang long university,Japanese

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Kagawa/Meat Products Manufacturing

インターンNiruntarai Piangjai

Thailand/Graduated from Thammasat University, Journalism and mass communication

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Osaka/ Wholesale and Trade

インターンBosovic Hadzovic Belma

Bosnia and Herzegovina/Master’s degree at University of Sarajevo/Mechanical Engineering

インターンSharma Mridul

India/NMIMS University/Graduated from NMIMS University /Mechanical Engineering

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インターンNorboev Jonibek

Uzbekistan/Graduated from INHA University in Tashkent, Information and Computer Engineering

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Miyazaki/Food Manufacturing

インターンMongkhon Thanyalak

Thailand/Graduated from Chulalongkorn University,Arts,Japanese Major

インターンPandey Priyanka

India/Master’s degree at Savitribai Phule Pune University,Department of Microbiology

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Tokyo/Food Wholesale

インターンZhang, Chenjie

China/Graduated from Rikkyo University College of Tourism

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Hotel yokikan Co.,Ltd.

企業Hotel yokikan Co.,Ltd.

Yamaguchi/Hotel Management

インターンChyntiana Setiawan

Indonesia/Graduated from PASIM National University,Literature

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Kani Construction Co., Ltd.

企業Kani Construction Co., Ltd.

Aichi/Construction industry

インターンAbdalrahman Mohamed Abdelraouf Mohamed Elshafey

Egypt/Master’s degree at University Technology Malaysia/Civil Engineering

インターンSerene Tan

Malaysia/Graduated from Kyushu University/Marine and Civil Engineering

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Safety Security Co., Ltd.

企業Safety Security Co., Ltd.

Hokkaido/Security Service

インターンTran Thanh Huy

Vietnam/Graduated from Foreign Trade University/Economics - International Business Economics

インターンHoang Vu Khanh Thy

Vietnam/Ho Chi Minh City University of Foreign Languages and Information Technology International Relations

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SIC co.,Ltd

企業SIC co.,Ltd

Fukuoka/Business Consulting, Hair Salon Management, Childcare Services

インターンNguyen Bao Ly

Vietnam/Graduated from Vietnam National University/Hanoi Faculty of Japanese Language and Culture

インターンNguyen Thi Ha Ngan

Vietnam/Univercity of teacher training ,Japanese

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Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd.

企業Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd.


インターンTawfiq Basha Kursheeth Basha

India/Master’s degree at B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent University/Department of Physics

インターンPushkar K. Sharma

India/Vishwakarma Institute of Technology/Department of Mechanical Engineering

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